Zero Waste Philosophy

Our Quest to a “Zero Waste” Company

It is our ongoing quest to continue reducing our foot prints on our Planet and increasing our Higher Consciousness and Universal Spirit awareness through our daily actions.
Sardor and Sarvar, Sleep & Beyond Co-Founders

Our Factories aka S&B Gardens

Women Empowerment

  • We employ and empower women in all of our production areas.
  • We greatly rely on their expertise and skills and proud to bring their craftsmanship to the world.
  • In our wool factories, our women play an important role from wool fiber sorting, scouring, carding to cut and sew, packing and supervising transparency and traceability all across.
  • In our cotton factories, our women are employed in all of the production areas from growing organic and natural cotton to fabric spinning, weaving, cut and sew and more.

Solar Power

Our S&B Gardens in India have been using the solar power for renewable energy since 2017.


  • Every left-over raw material from our production is reused in one or another way.
  • For example, an excess fabric roll turns into a packaging solution as it is very durable and reduces the need to use regular polypropylene tape.
  • New samples and product ideas are developed from our remaining unused raw materials or first test production runs.
  • We try to recycle as much as we can. You may notice the recycle number for our packaging in the product labels.

Azo Free & Hand-Screen Printing
We utilize a non toxic, azo free and heavy metal free hand-screen printing (GOTS approved) on our organic cotton collection products.

Our Product Packaging

Cotton Packaging
We package our myMerino and organic cotton collection products in reusable 100% natural and organic cotton bags, which can be reused and recycled.
You can get even more creative and take them on a camping trip or use them as a laundry or a grocery bag.

Our myMerino bags also became very popular for various charity events and organizations.
We are very proud to have become sponsors in such amazing nonprofit organizations such as Teen Cancer America and GIFT (Global Initiative to Free Trafficking Victims).

PEVA Packaging
Our packaging for myBedding products come in PEVA, an ecofriendly, phthalates free and BPA free packaging/plastic substrate with non toxic materials. It is also one of the most environmentally safe packaging alternatives developed today.
It is fully recyclable #7.

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Packaging
To ensure no chemicals, dust or off gassing potentially affect our bedding, we also wrap our myMerino and organic cotton collection products in LDPE packaging.

It is also

  • 100% recyclable (#4)
  • Acid free, amine and silicon free
  • Meets FDA and USDA specifications

USA Distribution Center

Fontana, CA
We have fully switched our office lights to LED lights in 2017.