Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector

Companies To Watch: Your Guide To 2017

Founded by brothers Sarvár Abdullaev and Sardór Azimovich who had a dream to bring their family’s Merino wool expertise to a broader audience, Sleep & Beyond hasn’t diverged much from its roots in the mountainous lands of the Kyrgyz Republic. Committed to fair trade labor practices and embracing a global, sustainable business model, Sleep & Beyond is passionate about its products and how they are made. The company takes pride in its sourcing, selecting only what it considers to be the purest organic Merino wool, finest Shropshire wool and quality organic and natural cotton. Central to the company’s mission statement is its connection to the materials used, proudly highlighting that the company itself raises the Merino sheep whose wool is used in its myMerino items. By connecting the product to a larger story, Sleep & Beyond captures consumers’ interest, and encourages a greater appreciation for the journey that the materials had to take to become the high-quality product in their hands.

Article Source: Sleep Retailer

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