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Menopause and Night Sweats

To all the women who face menopause resulting in night sweats, it’s not for the “faint of heart!”

The profound sweating, wet soggy pillow and bedding caused by the night sweats are not an indication that a mini, calorie-burning workout just occurred as you tried to sleep! It’s those changing hormones that are a natural part of women aging. Research continues to investigate causes of night sweats. The effects of night sweats are not a mystery, and many menopausal women are HOT, SWEATY, SUFFER INTERRUPTED SLEEP, and are OFTEN EXHAUSTED THE NEXT DAY.

Women experiencing night sweats resulting from menopause are asking questions:

  • How can I find relief from night sweats?
  • How can I have a more restful sleep at night?
  • How can I avoid my pillow and bedding from getting so wet and clammy?
  • How can I wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed, and ready “to take on the day”?

There’s help Ladies, and it’s found in one simple 4-letter word: W-O-O-L

Understanding the science behind this miracle fiber makes it easier to understand why wool is so effective at regulating body temperature. The wool fiber can quickly wick moisture away from the body and allow it to evaporate providing a dry, comfortable sleep environment. Wool absorbs more than cotton, down, or synthetics. Wool can both breathe and insulate naturally, regulating temperature naturally and allowing you to sleep cooler when it’s warm and warmer when it’s cool.

These many natural qualities mean that you can achieve a more peaceful and deeper sleeping experience. There are even studies showing that sleeping with wool bedding increases the duration of the most beneficial phase of sleep, or REM sleep. Longer REM sleep contributes towards good health, well-being and happiness.

Sleep & Beyond is a 3rd generation family run company that designs a complete line of woolen bedding, both washable wool and organic wool. Contributing to a more comfortable sleep during the worst hours of the night, try wool bedding for relief from soggy, wet bed clothing and sheets.

Try our wool bedding tonight and have pleasant dreams!


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