Moss Envy Pillow Fight: Round 1 Heats Up! 3 More Contenders Vie for Your Vote

Sleep warriors, assemble! The Moss Envy 2024 Pillow Fight rages on, with Round 1 votes closing in on February 18th. We’ve already analyzed some contenders, but the battle is far from over. Today, three more pillows step into the ring, each promising sweet dreams and blissful slumber. Let’s dissect their features and see which one might be your perfect sleep partner.

Round 1, Match 3: Nature’s Embrace vs. Latex Luxury

  • Naturepedic’s PLA Pillow: This eco-friendly warrior is filled with plant-based PLA, making it a dream for allergy sufferers and sustainability champions. But can its support rival traditional fillings? Will side sleepers find it plush enough?
  • The Talalay Pillow by Savvy Rest: Crafted from the finest talalay latex, this pillow promises both breathability and pressure relief. But does its luxurious price tag translate into truly luxurious sleep? Is the hype justified?

Round 1, Match 4: The Customizable Contenders

  • St. Peter Woolen Mill’s Pillowooly Pillow: This Minnesotan-made marvel is filled with fluffy wool balls, offering cozy comfort and local pride. And did we mention, it’s also adjustable! The unique wool “bolus” filling allows you to personalize your comfort level by adding or removing them. But will the all-wool filling be suitable for all sleep preferences?
  • OMI’s Wool Wrapped Organic Shredded Rubber Pillow: This dual-chambered bestseller combines the best of both worlds: organic wool and shredded rubber. Does it offer the ultimate in customization and support, or is it too much filling for hot sleepers?

Round 1, Match 5: Side Sleep Savior Returns vs. The New Challenger

  • Sleep and Beyond’s MyWooly Side Pillow: This familiar face designed for side sleepers boasts a shoulder cutout for pressure relief. But does it truly live up to its promise, or is the cutout just a marketing ploy?
  • Sleep and Beyond’s MyLatex Pillow: This adjustable wonder returns, but this time with a wool and latex filling. Can it provide the conforming softness of wool and the springy support of latex, or is it a compromise on both fronts?

Remember, sleep seekers, Round One voting ends on February 18th! Choose wisely, for your dreams (and neck) depend on it! In our next blog post, we’ll unveil the final four contenders, fully equipping you to cast an informed vote. Until then, sweet dreams!

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