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New At Specialty Sleep Association's Las Vegas Showroom

New At Specialty Sleep Association’s Las Vegas Showroom

The SSA reported that a dozen new companies will join the group of 30-plus companies on display in the SSA’s co-op showroom at the upcoming Las Vegas show.

Sleep & Beyond is presenting 2 new products this market. Their 100% natural & adjustable myWoolly™ Pillow is filled with woolly puffs™ and features the unique cotton & wool-quilted outer case. And then there is their myDual™ Pad, a distinct, hypoallergenic, and 100% natural mattress pad thoughtfully created to offer two choices of comfort. One side of the fitted pad is wool fleece that offers a deep and soft nap, while the other side offers quilted comfort. Both sides of myDual™ Pad provide all the benefits of wool as it creates what is reported to be a natural comfort zone around the body which enables the body to maintain a comfortable temperature, inducing a more refreshing sleep. The breathability of myDual™ Pad eliminates one of the causes of overheating as well as eliminating a potentially moist or damp sleep environment.

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