Organic Cotton Mattress Protector

Organic Cotton Mattress Protector – A Healthier Family

Do I Need A Mattress Protector?

You probably don’t need one, but if you know the benefits of it, you’ll most definitely purchase one especially if you got little toddlers and babies! I would highly recommend a protector to anyone who is purchasing a new mattress or already has a mattress without a mattress protector and I think it is a must when you have kids at home or elders to lessen up the hassle of cleaning every time there is leakage in the bed.

A mattress protector extends the life of your mattress, and that is one of the greatest benefits of it! It protects your expensive mattress and your child’s bed from dirt, stains, spills, dust mites, bedwetting, and other allergens. These awesome protectors provide an absorbent layer that catches any moisture which comes into contact with it and they are much easier to clean regularly than your mattress. Choose your bedding wisely. Choose organic cotton! It’s 100% waterproof and highly breathable. Your family’s health comes first.

Let’ have a look at some ultimate 100% organic cotton waterproof mattress protectors.

1. Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector

Everyone’s mattress deserves that much-needed nourishing layer of protection which only organic cotton can offer you! This superior breathable, waterproof organic cotton mattress protector from “Sleep and Beyond” is ideal for the family who has any allergies to dust mites, mold, etc. You can be sure of the maximum comfort and flexibility. These remarkable protectors are a long-term investment in the quality of sleep and the overall health of you and your family. Simply pre-wash your new bedding before the first use for the ultimate comfort and fit!

More great features include

  1. It is made with two layers of soft 100% organic cotton jersey fabric.
  2. It’s free of vinyl, PVC, VOCs, phthalates, latex rubber, and other carcinogenic chemicals.
  3. Contains no PBDEs, Flame Retardants, Dyes, or Biocides.
  4. It is lightweight and easy to change.
  5. 100% waterproof and protects against spills, stains, dust mites, and other bacteria.
  6. The fitted skirt can easily accommodate a mattress up to 18” pocket
  7. Machine wash & dry. And has a 10-year warranty.!
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2. Whisper Organics 100% Organic Cotton Quilted Mattress Cover

This 100% Organic Quilted Fitted Mattress Cover is GOTS Certified. Woven with a 300 thread count, these awesome mattress covers are unbelievably soft and smooth. They’re organic, breathable, hypoallergenic, and free of chemicals, so it’s good for your whole family and the environment. And it is comfortable and cozy! Say goodbye to night sweats and feel like a brand new person every morning.

These remarkable cotton mattress covers keep your mattress clean and fresh while giving you a luxurious sleep. It is nontoxic & chemical-free, ensuring your entire family’s safety. Because it is made of 100 percent cotton it is not totally waterproof. However, it will absorb a good amount of liquid in the padding. Sleep like a baby on this premium quality king mattress cover! Open the link to view this awesome product Available at “”

3. Certified Organic Cotton Mattress Protector

People spend a third of their lives in bed, normal spills and stains are bound to happen, and that’s why mattress protectors are much easier to clean regularly than your mattress. Certified organic cotton mattress protector, is great for the whole family, they not only protect your expensive mattress but also your entire family at home, including your little baby!

Most mattress protectors are made with man-made polyester, an unsustainable and oftentimes unsafe choice witch can be very unhealthy. Spend a little more on certified materials and keep both you and your mattress protected for many years to come.

These 100% organic cotton jersey sleeping surfaces are made of soft cotton and terry backed with a breathable polyurethane film. It also repels liquids and stains while allowing the body to breathe. Spoil yourself and get this awesome king-size mattress cover today and ensure the health and safety of your whole family! Available at “” Need some more information? Click on the link and view this great stylish product.

4. Organic Waterproof Quilted Crib Size Fitted Mattress Cover

Organic cotton is the purest form of cotton and a healthier alternative to synthetic fabric and is available for everyone! The whole family can enjoy these awesome health benefits from Organic cotton! Get the best protector for your baby’s crib mattress. These crib mattress covers, feature a top layer made with organic cotton, the middle layer is quilted with breathable 100% polyester, and the back layer is made with knitted polyester laminated to waterproof/breathable TPU film to protect from any water spills or bed-wetting.

The waterproof pads not only protect the mattress but also offer a soft quilted cushion for added comfort. A crib mattress pad acts as a protector for your baby’s crib mattress and also helps create a more sanitary sleeping surface for the baby. It mostly protects against leaky messes and accidents that happen at nig

Protect your child’s mattress and keep things hygienic with a certified organic waterproof mattress protector. Keep your child’s mattress clean and fresh without chemical worries. They are easy to clean, simply pull them off, and throw them in the washing machine!

A Healthier Family With Organic Cotton

Yes! An organic mattress protector is a must-have item if you have allergies or want a cleaner, healthier sleep environment.
Organic mattress protectors don’t eliminate 100% of dust mites, but they do prevent sweat and skin cells from permeating the mattress and help keep mites on the surface, especially when used consistently on a new mattress.

Most of them provide a waterproof barrier to keep liquids off of your bed. A mattress protector helps keep detritus on the surface of the cover, which can be washed. Organic cotton is one of the cleanest, most hypoallergenic materials around. Comforters and sheets need to be washed regularly, at least every two weeks, but more often if you have allergies.

I know you love your dear furry baby, but don’t let them into your bed. Prepare their own comfy beds for them. While pets are cuddly, they bring allergens and dirt into the bed. Vacuum often, the surface of your bed. Leave your bed unmade for a while, open up the shades and let your bedsit unmade to allow any moisture to dry. “Kingston University” researchers suggest that this may help reduce humidity within the bed and discourage dust mites.

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