REDFIN Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas for the New Year

Nothing beats ending your day by falling asleep in a relaxing and cozy bedroom – especially if your New Year’s resolution was to get a better night’s sleep. With all the cozy bedroom design options out there- from cozy blankets to mattress toppers and white noise machines- you might be looking for the best ideas to make your room more relaxing. To answer all your bedroom design questions, we’ve reached out to experts living in Austin, TX all the way to Seattle, WA for their favorite cozy bedroom design ideas. Check out what they had to say so you can create a more relaxing bedroom this new year.

Your bed should be stylish, cozy, and functional. Layering pillow sizes and textures is a simple, yet effective way to achieve comfort, style and the perfect focal point for any bedroom. Start with a base color and build from there. You can easily change your pillows out seasonally as well. – Kendra Farmer, Owner at Linen & Ivory

Create warmth with a variety of textures. Add warmth instantly by wrapping your room in cozy, textured wallpaper. Not only will it add depth and visual interest, but textured wallpaper is also perfect for hiding small wall imperfections. Next, add in a sprinkling of chunky woven throw blankets, room-softening window treatments and throw pillows in a variety of complimentary shades and textures, such as velvet, fur, and linen for the ultimate cozy vibes. – Nikki DeMartini, Renovate Wallcoverings

Transform your bed into a sanctuary for the body and mind with pure mulberry silk bedding. Along with feeling like no other fabric on Earth, silk bedding is the ultimate in cozy, keeping you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and sleeping beautifully year-round. We love to layer our silk, starting with pillowcases and sheets and working our way up to indulgent duvet covers and stylish shams for a bed made to envelop you in comfort and luxury. – Tom Ceconi, Mulberry Park Silks

Quilts are a must-have. A cozy bed – sumptuous, inviting, and beautifully styled makes for the sweetest slumber. Fact. And an absolute must-have on any bed – a quilt. Not only practical and cozy but they’re great for adding texture and color to a room. Our quilts are printed by hand and are all reversible, featuring a different design on each side, so you can simply flip them over for a totally new look. Perfect for draping over the end of a bed to add a pop of print to your space and an extra cozy layer as nights become chillier. – Rosie Axelford, Wicklewood

Create the coziest of bedrooms this year beginning with fabric selections. Choosing a serene color palette and layering textures, tones, and details not only creates a space that is rich and luxurious, but also provides you with a relaxing, peaceful retreat away from the stress of everyday life. We suggest incorporating these luxe fabrics in your bedding, throw pillows, and blankets for an inviting space you’ll love to spend time in. – Jennifer Sterna, Linly Designs

Incorporate soft fabrics throughout the space. The best way to create the coziest bedroom is by bringing soft and warm textiles into the room. Luxurious drapery or plush throw pillows are key to a cozy bedroom space! – Stitchroom

Cozy up your bedroom space with layers and lights. Layer with knits, faux furs, and leathers – all these play a vital role in making a bedroom cozy. But don’t forget that the key to an ambient bedroom space is your lighting. Incorporate various sources of lights in the room which may include a soft bedside lamp or some ceiling lights for a touch of drama. – Alliance Furnishings

Opt for warm lighting and wintry scents. Change out your light bulbs. The bedroom is not a place for cold utilitarian lighting. Or go for the warm glow of an incandescent bulb. You can also burn scented candles. For the coziest smells look for a wintery scent like Brandy Pear, Oak Moss, or Amber Noir. – Faith Parker, Boho Bungalow

Use a scented candle or lavender linen spray to freshen the air. Occasionally swap out the room’s wall art with pieces from other areas of the home. Use a sound machine to mask exterior noise with soothing sounds. Place a colorful throw or a few small accent pillows on the bed, these can be interchanged seasonally, to match the tone and can be easily stored. Speaking of storing items such as throw pillows, adding a bench at the foot of the bed can provide additional seating and storage space. – Sit n Sleep

Find what makes you relax. One of the single most effective ways to make your bedroom cozier is to focus on it’s function, that is, beyond its primary function of being somewhere you lay your head at night. Think about what you enjoy doing to relax to make you feel at home and comfortable and add this element to your bedroom. Throw in a fun bean bag chair, a reading nook, indoor sunbed, or telescope to watch the stars, paired with some blackout shades, a nice rug, and personalized items and it will feel like your own home getaway. – Fine Furniture Los Angeles

Take inspiration from mountain scenery. What makes Vermont cabins and bedrooms so appealing and cozy? Avoid hanging cliche mountain and cabin decor, and instead try to mimic the essence of the Vermont mountains. To create the Vermont-inspired cozy space bring warmth into the bedroom through wood textures and earth tones. Always complement cool textures and surfaces with warmth emitting colors and textures like velvets or an ornamental rug. To top it off, always include an element of a crackling fire by lighting candles or putting a HDR fireplace video up on the TV for ultimate cozy ambiance. – Natural Form

A cozy bedroom design begins with you in mind. The coziest bedrooms are customized to you. Refresh your mattress so it’s just right with a healthy organic latex mattress topper, the only foam that floats your body. Add luxurious comfort and you’ll never want to get out from beneath the covers. – Naturally Nestled

A cozy bedroom is a zen-zone encouraging relaxation and an ultimate sleep environment. The right bed and bedding make all the difference and we recommend natural materials not only for their cozy comfort but also because of their performance. For example, organic, minimally processed and super soft wool-filled duvets and pillows absorb moisture and normalize temperature so you’re not too hot and sweaty nor too cold. You will relax deeper when you have peace of mind knowing you are surrounded by non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, organic materials, too. – Claus Pummer,

Know exactly what you need for your cozy bedroom design. We all get caught up in a magazine-perfect design goal but remember, this is your space, and the focus needs to be function over beauty. Bedrooms are a representation of your personality, keeping it nice and cozy is a priority. The ultimate design trick to making a room feel cozy is layering. Layering is key to pulling a room together because it is visually appealing with textures and moves your eyes through the space all while telling a story. From rugs, to bedding and pillows to window treatment, layering is a way to add a cozy and soft feel to any room. – Robyn’s Nest in Peoria, Arizona

Handcrafted furniture brings style and serenity to your bedroom. We often think a lot about our bed frames, but nightstands are an under appreciated piece of furniture, as they provide storage, a surface for books, items you use daily, and they can also add charm to your space. A nightstand can make a statement, or provide function and storage. – Tirto Furniture

Opt for natural and organic materials. A cozy bedroom starts with a Natural and Organic latex mattress covered with organic lamb’s wool and organic cotton. To make it even cozier, try adding an adjustable bed frame to enjoy customizable comfort. – Euro-Flex

Look for organic linen sheets. If you are really searching for remarkably soft, highly breathable, and naturally hypoallergenic sheets, look no further than our certified organic linen collection, which would be the quickest way to make your bed warm and cozy.  While new sheeting on your bed is a great foundation, no bed is complete without something warm and cozy on top. A wool comforter is a great place to start – it’s like a fluffy cloud for the top of your bed. Wool is nature’s best insulator that will keep you warm during winter and cool in summer.  What else can we do to top things off, you may wonder? Pillows really make the bed, and it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep without a good pillow.  Sleep & Beyond

Consider the right type of mattress. Find your sweet spot on a Habitat Ascend Digital Air Bed. It’s an adjustable number style air bed with independent firmness control on each side, offering pressure relieving memory foam, and the springy, buoyant feel of natural latex. Designed to deliver better sleep performance, proper spine alignment, and over the top comfort, you’ll feel tucked in all night long. – Habitat Furnishings

Don’t overlook the importance of a quality pillow. Most people spend on average 8 hours sleeping, that is 1/3 of your life spent in your bedroom. It is important for your bedroom to be a haven that rejuvenates you and that starts with a pillow that provides adequate neck and back support technology to eliminate the stress on the significant support structures of your body whether you are a side sleeper, tummy sleeper or a back sleeper. The goal is to wake up rested. As you lay down your head on that cozy as a cloud pillow, make sure you give thanks for day’s events no matter what the circumstance, because getting a good night’s sleep is a gift in itself. – Cozy Cloud

Optimize your space for quality sleep. Although “cool” and “clean” aren’t typically synonymous with “cozy,” it’s an environment that promotes comfortable, restful deep sleep. Our products are engineered with antimicrobial technology to keep things clean, while their temperature regulating properties efficiently transfer heat away from the body (an important factor in lowering your body’s core temperature overnight and getting the most restorative sleep possible), so you can achieve and maintain peak wellness in 2021. – Channing Chor, Co-Founder and COO of MOLECULE

Ensure you have no noise disturbances A white noise machine can help you block out distracting sounds from the outside world that may “burst” your cozy bubble. The soft hum of the sound machine creates a cozy audible experience that lets your mind drift and lulls you to sleep naturally. – YogaSleep

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