Wool Mattress Pad

myLatex Pillow Review by Marcia

Why myLatex Pillow when I’m already in love with Sleep & Beyond’s myWoolly Pillow?

And that is the truth! I love Sleep & Beyond’s myWoolly Pillow for all the right reasons:

  • It is all natural, woolly puffs. Wool fibers have many benefits such wicking moisture away from the body, hypoallergenic, durability, supportive for the head and neck, maintaining core body temperature without overheating, and comfort.
  • All the properties of wool lead to a better and healthier sleep.
  • Adjustable to meet my personal comfort needs for perfect loft keeping my neck and head in ideal alignment.

Sleep & Beyond has now introduced a new feature to this already-perfect pillow, latex noodles! Why?
When we examine the wool fiber, we notice crimps or kinks characterizing each wool fiber. This allows wool to have a “springiness”, providing natural support for the neck and head. Compression naturally occurs when pressure and weight is applied to the wool-filled pillow, such as my head and neck during sleep. As I sleep, the woolly puffs settle and release any pockets of air. Because myWoolly Pillow is adjustable, I adjusted the loft to be perfect for me. Each morning, I fluff my pillow allowing it to return to its luscious loft.

Wool is unbelievably resilient and durable when compressed and benefits from proper care of fluffing the pillow each day. This is where I discovered the benefit of the new Sleep & Beyond batting in the pillow, the woolly puffs mixed with natural latex noodles found in the myLatex Pillow. The myLatex Pillow is also adjustable, and the latex noodles limit the amount of compression; latex has a natural “bounce-back” property.

Why is myLatex Pillow now my pillow of preference after these past 6 years? That is an easy question to answer: Both wool and latex are natural materials, hypoallergenic, provide pressure relief and better spinal alignment for my neck and head. Both wool and natural latex limit heat retention by allowing airflow through the wool fibers and latex noodles. The latex noodles add just enough bounce-back limiting the compression during the night’s sleep. I still fluff my pillow in the morning to ensure proper care of my new-found perfect pillow, Sleep & Beyond’s myLatex Pillow!

By Marcia