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Sleep & Beyond Organic Cotton Sheet Set Review by Beauty Cooks Kisses

Let me introduce you to Sleep & Beyond and their Organic Cotton Sheet Set, which will help you experience that regal feeling when you crawl into bed for the night. If you want to sleep like a queen, you need bedding that can lavish you in luxurious comfort fitting royalty and Sleep & Beyond Organic Cotton Sheet can help you do just that.

My new Sleep & Beyond Queen Sheet Set ($179) that arrived with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases are 100% organic sateen cotton with a 400-thread count, which makes this material feel like satin. The color was more ivory than a stark white.

My first priority was to read the washing instructions once I took them out of their handy cotton carrying case. Organic cotton is machine washable on the gentle cycle in warm water. If you must use a bleach, Sleep & Beyond recommends a non-chlorine bleach only. Follow by tumble drying on low heat.

When I finished washing and removing them from the dryer, I didn’t need to take an iron to them. They had just a slight wrinkle, which once I made the bed was hardly noticeable. Of course, you could take an iron to them if this mattered that much to you, but it was so insignificant why waste the time?

The fitted sheet that is fortified with elastic has a deep pocket to handle even the thickest mattress at 18-inches. The flat sheet with its hemmed edges and two pillow cases that was a part of my Queen size set had a simple, clean look that would go well in any bedroom.

Despite that incredible smoothness that tempts you to continue caressing that fabric, there is another reason to appreciate what a healthier sleep option it is that does not emit any fumes from pesticides or carcinogenic chemicals besides being free of dyes. For those with allergies like yours truly, breathing better improves the quality of sleep, which amounts to more rest.

Besides of a healthier sleep experience, it made me feel even better to know Sleep & Beyond meets the strict certified organic requirement set by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for organic textiles. This certification means that the sourced cotton must be renewable and sustainable. Every purchase of their organic bedding helps support a local economy, protect the environment and keep the eco system balanced to mutually benefit planet and customers.

When you are making out your holiday gift list, you’re probably not considering a sheet set. However, what could be a more thoughtful, practical gift than helping someone sleep better while doing a small part to help the planet? Check out Sleep & Beyond and all the fine bedding they have to offer, especially a new 100% Organic Sateen Cotton Sheet Set!

Review by Beauty Cooks Kisses