Sleep & Beyond to Add 3 New Products to Its Collection for Las Vegas Summer Market

Sleep and Beyond recently announced that they will be adding three new products to it’s collection at the upcoming Las Vegas Market, August 22-26.

The new 3 inch myWoolly Latex Toppers are made from some of the nature’s purest fibers. Covered in all-natural cotton encasement, filled with two layers of 100% washable wool batting and mix of 100% pure latex noodles and 100% washable woolly puffs in between, this topper will have you feeling like you are sleeping on a cloud. It is designed for year-round use and is soothing for those who have multiple chemical sensitivities, certain allergies, and/or suffer from discomfort due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other health challenges. Our Shropshire premium wool offers great resilience that provides a natural support system which evenly distributes body weight as you sleep eliminating the pressure points from your mattress. Wool fiber controls and regulates body temperature as it eliminates moisture build up, it is breathable, naturally resistant to mold and mildew, and does not contain any flame retardant chemicals.

myTraining Pillow – The ultimate 100% natural and adjustable sleep training pillow. Developed together with health professionals, it is commonly used to help treat a variety of conditions affecting the neck and shoulders. This wool pillow gently supports the head and neck for better sleep. The soothing support helps maintain the spine in its natural position for a tension-releasing sleep. Ships in a high loft for easy adjustment. Fluffy, soft wool makes this pillow plush and comfortable. Adjust the pillow’s firmness by removing wool puffs.

Steel Grey certified organic sheet set. This remarkably soft, highly breathable, and naturally hypoallergenic sheet set will rival those found in the world’s finest five-star hotels. Woven with high-quality and sustainable organic cotton, it is made using no pesticides and carcinogenic chemicals. Each set is durable, pre-shrunk, and comes in reusable and biodegradable cotton packaging.

Article Author: Nic Ledoux
Article Source: Furniture World Magazine

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