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Eating Healthier
Research has found that a lack of sleep often causes people to feel hungrier and crave high-calorie food filled with carbs and fat. A good night’s sleep helps your body listen to its hunger signals so you eat less and can make healthier food choices.

Getting Fit
With a lousy night’s sleep, daytime fatigue makes it hard to get moving and motivated to exercise. Over time, a lack of sleep decreases the body’s ability to build muscle. But, getting more sleep can help increase muscle growth, which has anti-aging and fat-burning benefits too!

Decreasing Stress
Good quality sleep is an overall game-changer for a less stressful day. When you are tired, it’s tough to think clearly — but it’s easy to get agitated and be less patient, which causes more stress. A great night’s sleep helps you tackle your day with a positive mindset and less tension.

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