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Specially Sleep Association

Sleep & Beyond has been a proud member of SSA since 2011. Butch (JW) Craig, national sales manager, says this past winter Market was their strongest in 12 years. “Being with the SSA is an important part of how we meet with current and potential retailers to help grow our business in the natural, organic and sustainable sleep category.”

Sleep & Beyond is a third generation, family-owned bedding producer based in Kyrgyzstan with distribution in Europe, Asia, the UK, India, China and North America. Their trademarked myMerino and myBedding products are made with organic wool and cotton, guaranteed of pesticides, dyes and carcinogenic chemicals from seed to shelf.

To learn more about Sleep & Beyond and discover the future of sleep, plan to visit our Las Vegas Market showroom this summer. With 13,000 sq ft dedicated to showcasing the latest in sleep advancements, it’s a haven for innovation. Be part of the conversation reshaping the way we sell sleep. Virtually explore:

Article Source : SSA

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