Strong Market for SSA Showroom with 32 Exhibitors

Strong Market for SSA Showroom with 32 Exhibitors Including 9 New Manufacturers

The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) reports that their showroom could very well be a highlight of the upcoming Summer 2019 Las Vegas market with 9 new manufacturers and a total showroom of 32 exhibitors. Additionally, several of the returning exhibitors have expanded their show space in order to broaden their product selections and displays. “The 9 new exhibitors will add to the energy and innovative product technologies historically offered in our SSA Showroom,” says SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones. “Our showroom is a destination for retailers and for business-to-business opportunities. We are as excited about the new companies who are with the SSA this market as we are about the amazing products and business opportunities offered by our returning exhibitors.” Jones anticipates that the showroom will draw as many as 300 buyers, a strong number for the summer market. Jones explains that “Our showroom continues to be a high energy showcase for emerging industry players and a valuable center for business to business introductions and deals. If you are coming to the summer market you should plan to spend some serious quality time in the SSA showroom.”

The 9 new exhibitors at the winter market include, B-Sensible. BestRest USA, Blue Ridge, CannaBeds, GHCL Limited, MF Bedding, Oshin, Titan and True Blanket. These new exhibitors bring to the showroom floor a wide spectrum of new sleep products for retail buyers starting with B-Sensible’s “Tencel with Zinc Oxide natural, breathable and waterproof fitted sheetes and pillow cases that protect a sleeper’s mattress and pillows.” These waterproof fitted sheets are constructed with a superior new generation of innovative a textile technology called Dermofresh™ according to B-Sensible. BestRest will be introducing a full line of European mattresses and pillows combining “the latest in Eco-friendly technology along with ultimate comfort, durability and personalization.” The company offers a full range of price points and promises that, “each of our product lines will guarantee to disrupt the industry.” The third new player is Blue Ridge Home Fashions, who have established themselves as one of the leading basic bedding manufacturers in the USA, specializing in down/feather and synthetic home textiles products. They are currently the exclusive licensee of the “Kathy Ireland Home®” and “ELLE” brands in all basic bedding categories, and they have recently added the “CANNON®” brand for the natural fill category. The company expects to announce their newest licensing partner at the market.

In keeping with their tradition of embracing “natural” technologies (air, water, all cotton futons) over the decades, SSA’s fourth new exhibitor is Canadian-based CannaBeds. This company will introduce their line of Hemp beds. According to CannaBeds, “Hemp is known as the Miracle fiber. It naturally regulates your body temperature. It is 3 times stronger and softer than cotton. It is resistant to Dust Mites, bed bugs, humidity and mold, plus it provides the ultimate comfort.” Hemp is also a hypoallergenic fiber and it has natural Anti-Bacterial properties to reduce and kill bacteria. It is gentler on your skin and actually gets softer with age and use. Hemp is naturally resistant to insects and disease; there is no need for the use of environmentally damaging and unhealthy pesticides or herbicides.

The 5th. new exhibitor is GHCL Ltd. from India. They will be presenting sustainable bedding concepts such as REKOOP made by recycling post-consumer PET bottles. The company will also showcase MEDITASI, an extensive line of innovative health and wellness bedding. MF Bedding is the 6th. new company showcasing. This company features a full line of visco-elastic beds, gel foam beds, toppers, protectors and pillows.

Numbers 7, 8 and 9 include: Air Raschel by Oshin, Titan and True Blanket.
Oshin is basically presenting a topper that can replace a mattress. Oshin’s Air Rashchel has a 96% air structure due to three-dimensional weaving allowing it to dissipate heat, disperse pressure and provide ventilation. It is an excellent product designed especially for people with back pain and heat reduction. Next is Titan Mattress Protectors offering a full line of encasement and protectors for mattresses, cribs and pillows. And finally is TRUBlanket introducing their “incredibly popular” line of weighted blankets. TRUBlankets feature “our superior design and construction, which offer the pinnacle of luxury, good looks and craftsmanship.

“Many times,” says Jones, “the products and services we feature in our showroom are being presented for the first time in any market. They are brand new to the industry. Our SSA showroom has been branded ‘an incubator’ for new innovations and technologies over the years. Educating and informing retailers and consumers is a key part of our SSA mission. We continue to serve as a platform for new and emerging companies in the mattress and bedding industry.”

Returning SSA Showroom exhibitors cover the full gamut of mattress, bedding and sleep related products as well as motion furniture, ergonomic furniture, bed support and foundations, futon covers, top of bed accessories, natural and organic sleep products, heating and cooling applications and retail store support systems from software to display solutions.

Retail buyers looking to carry bio-based, natural and/or organic products should stop in to visit Baltica Natural Products, Bio Sleep Concepts, Coolist Sleep Technology, The Futon Shop , Palm Pring Organic Coconut Mattresses and Sleep and Beyond. Baltica will be introducing a new model from their Arcusbeds line of certified natural and organic handmade beds from Europe. Specifically, the company will be show-casing their hand-nested, multi-zoned, pocketed coil line with extra loft and their flagship certified natural and organic latex beds. Bio Sleep Concepts will be presenting their beautiful new collection of 100% cotton bedspread and sham sleep sets which are made in Portugal, “perfect for all higher quality and all-natural bedding stores.” Coolist Sleep Technology with their bio-based Coolist foam and unique nanotechnology will display Coolist pillows: all designed to be heat dissipating, breathable and temperature independent. The Futon Shop/TFsleep will be featuring their newest UPS friendly, modern modular sofa sectional, designed with natural & organic materials. “Wool, latex, and coconut coir, is nestled on a low shelter frame, and plush pillows are the key to lounge-worthy luxury.” Sleep and Beyond, manufacturer of organic and natural bedding will be featuring their well-received myDual® Side Pillow, the ultimate 2 in 1, 100% natural, adjustable and washable dual side pillow, which provides extra support and pressure relief for the neck, shoulders and the spine.

Sleep retailers will find adjustable, ergonomic, heat and cooling control, sleep surface adjustable, medically driven, and Smartbed technologies in the SSA Showroom. Sleep Research Technologies will be giving out for free to retailers their summary “Cool Sleeping Products Comparison Guide” while offering retailers and potential partners the experience of sleeping on the AURIA “Climate Controlled Sleep System.” W. Silver Products will be featuring their expanding life of bed frames and adjustable beds which are made in their family-owned factories, noting that they are the only bed frame factory that also owns and operates a steel mill. The vertical integration from raw materials to finished products offers retailers the opportunity to buy bed frames and adjustable beds directly from the factory.

Focusing on products and services designed to make the retailer’s business life easier, Select-A-Mat mattress showroom display systems returns to the SSA showroom offering unsurpassed display convenience on the mattress store floor. Another great service, SmartWerks. an integrated point of sale, inventory and accounting solution from Tyler Net will be in the room to take you through their automated point of sales software program designed to help retailers increase sales, optimize inventory and “make better decisions across the board.” They will be introducing SmartConnect, a set of automated customer engagement tools that help a retailer grow a customer list and stay in touch with those customers to urge them to return to the store.

Private label, OEM and international import programs are growing in popularity. Long time SSA exhibitor Axiom Sleep Products (aka Rest-Medic) has been manufacturing and shipping to the USA since the announcement of the anti-dumping and the trade duty of 25% for goods manufactured in China. The company moved its operation from China to Southeast Asia enabling them the capacity to ship 300 containers a month. Axiom continues its program to expand their Original Design and Equipment Manufacturing business with memory foam and hybrid mattresses and sleep products. Bedding Technology Industries is introducing a container program for metal beds in a single box that can be shipped via UPS. They will also offer mattresses in a box and foundations in a box. Danican is expanding their highly successful private label program with the introduction of their new top-of-bed bundled private label packages aimed to enhance both consumer and retail sales convenience. Each bundle will include pillows, a sheet set and a comforter combined into one convenient sales packaging unit. Swiss Bliss Mattress Company will again be showcasing their Swiss Made sleep products.

Top of bed, pillows, toppers, protectors and all kinds of sleep accessories are on display throughout the showroom. Royal Heritage, a national leader in the bedding, mattress protection and futon cover industry offers their drop ship program and will showcase their futon covers. REMarkable Pillows by TMI Products will introduce their “Fiber Gel Core Technology”, which blends fluffy breathable microfiber with Grade A CerrtiPUR® Gel foam to create an ultrasoft responsive feather-like pillow in a full array of high performance covers.

A full array of furniture, mattresses, massage chairs, foundations, adjustable bases and a variety of sleep products accessories will be shown by SSA veteran exhibitors: Arason Enterprises, Electropedic/Body Sense, I Love My Pillow, Innerspace Luxury Products., Sleep-Ezz Beds, Sleep in Motion and U.S. Sleep Products,

At this market, the SSA again will offer retailers the famous and delicious Aunt Annie’s Pretzels in the showroom handing out fresh, warm pretzels to attendees. “We invite all sleep products retailers to C-1565 on the 15th Floor in Building C to experience what is new and innovative in the sleep industry, to take in the energy of the room and enjoy our hospitality. It’s a must-see and fun shopping experience for retailers,” says Jones.

Article Source Furniture World Magazine

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