Sustainable and Non-Toxic Pillow

Sustainable and Non-Toxic Pillow Brands For A Good Night’s Sleep

For many years, sleep was not my priority. As a young adult, I thought that neglecting my sleep wouldn’t do much harm. I know that so many people are guilty of this, but this isn’t a healthy way to live. A good night’s sleep is crucial for our well-being, health, and ability to concentrate. We not only should get at least seven hours of shut-eye per night, but we also need to make sure that we are sleeping well.

One of the best ways to improve our sleep quality is by investing in comfortable pillows. However, most pillows contain hazardous chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to all night long.

These conventional pillows are not only unhealthy, but they’re also not sustainably made. The key to avoiding them is to buy your sleep pillows from brands that care about your health and the planet.

Here is a compilation of 15 brands that make sustainable and non-toxic pillows!


Sustainable and non-toxic pillows are made from eco-friendly materials, without using any harsh chemicals and treatments.

An easy way to know if you’re investing in a healthy pillow is to check if it has been certified non-toxic by MADE SAFE, or if the brand received the Greenguard Gold certification. Both are proof that you will not be exposed to unsafe chemicals while sleeping.

Do not forget to make sure that the pillow you are purchasing is of good quality. It needs to be comfortable, provide proper support, and keep its shape with time.

Sustainable pillows are also made by transparent companies that pay their workers well, and that often give back to non-profit organizations.


When looking for a non-toxic pillow, always choose one made from natural materials. Here are some materials you can find in sustainable pillows:

  • GOTS-certified organic cotton.
  • GOLS-certified organic latex.
  • Buckwheat hulls.
  • Eucalyptus or kapok tree fiber.
  • Sugarcane fiber.
  • Woolmark-certified wool.
  • Responsible Down Standard certified down.

These materials are even more sustainable if they’re organic and certified by Oeko-Tex or CertiPur-US. They’re all sustainable, but each one has a different feel. So choose your favorite depending on your preferences!

Sleep & Beyond
Materials: Latex, Wool, Cotton
Price: $119-139

Sleep & Beyond is a family-owned manufacturer of organic and natural bedding. It creates pillows of various shapes, including sleep training pillows, side pillows as well as standard pillows. The brand’s pillows are filled with latex or wool, encased in Oeko-Tex certified cotton fiber. They’re designed to provide proper neck support and help reduce neck pains and headaches.

Article Source: Sustainably Chic

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